More on technicalities

From retired judge Mary Kotsonouris, in her recent book ‘Tis All Lies, Your Worship (Tales from the District Court):

‘He got off on a technicality.’ Why do we think that this excuses a badly prepared or presented case? The law is meant to protect us from tyranny, from the false accusation and the trumped-up charge. If it says I am guilty of drunken driving when I have consumed a defined amount of alcohol, within a defined time of driving a motor car, then it is up to the person who accuses me of the offence to prove that it was what I was doing. If he fails to make a connection between the time I was driving and the time the alcohol level was measured, then he has not proved his accusation. All this is written down; it is the law. It is neither advanced science nor legal devilry.

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