Wordle: AClatterOfTheLaw.comI have enjoyed working on this blog for over a year now and have reached the hundredth post. In the time-honoured tradition of marking such milestones with lazy lists, here are the 10 most popular posts so far:

  1. Marriage by default and the Civil Partnership Bill 2009
  2. Regional papers got that regional knowledge, right?
  3. Graduated response now de facto law in Ireland
  4. Koger v. HWM: significant Irish software case on competing with former employer
  5. Fines Act 2010: paying fines or doing time?
  6. Blawg Review #264
  7. Biometric national ID cards for Ireland on the way?
  8. Ban on upward only rent reviews
  9. Is Ireland ready for a child rights referendum?
  10. Details of eircom’s 3-strikes system, but who will know what?

Interestingly, many of this top 10 are slow-burners that didn’t get many readers when published but have steadily attracted visits over the year, mostly by showing up in Google searches. The top 5 search terms are:

  1. fines act 2010
  2. hadji bey
  3. smdf
  4. civil partnership bill
  5. koger hwm

Of particular interest is the list of top referrers, which shows how people arrived at this blog. I wasn’t surprised that Twitter came out on top, as links are fed from the blog to my account. The second highest referrer was Eoin O’Dell’s excellent blog cearta.ie, and I am grateful to receive some of his many visitors. The third highest referrer was Facebook, which was a surprise, as I don’t push links to Facebook.

I hope to keep going for another 100 posts or more. Thank you for reading and, though most of you have remained anonymous so far, all comments are welcome (particularly those that disagree or correct errors!).