Attention “country bumpkins”: Labour wants your vote!

Labour has never really had a presence in this part of Limerick West (soon to be North Kerry-West Limerick). However, the combination of Eamon Gilmore’s popularity and the party’s success in the opinion polls has put all constituencies in play and the party recently had a large billboard on the main road through Newcastle West seeking members.

In that context, I was interested to read the views of Labour’s Cllr Gerry “Ginger” McLoughlin on my neck of the woods.

These country bumpkins have no regard for Limerick. They have destroyed the city with the planning, and are no friends of ours. We are not here to serve Newcastle West, or other places in the a******e of county Limerick. I am a city man – I don’t go down there, and have no time for them.


From the National Library of Ireland
Newcastle West around the 1900s. Or, for the Labour party, yesterday.


Joking aside, these are pretty unacceptable comments for an elected representative to make about the county surrounding his constituency.

In addition, the planning issues he mentions could only realistically be tackled by the measures proposed by the Brosnan proposals, which McLoughlin and his urbane colleagues are now opposing with such charming arguments as that quoted above.

Update: Labour are unrepentant and Jan O’Sullivan has backed Mr. McLoughlin’s “colourful” comments.

2 thoughts on “Attention “country bumpkins”: Labour wants your vote!

  1. Your update is inaccurate and misleading, in suggesting that the Labour party has endorsed an eccentric councillor, and I find no sign that Ms O’Sullivan has “backed” the comments. Indeed, any dispassionate observer of political-speak would recognise the language of reprimand in the reactions of party colleagues to the former Rugby international’s intemperate and ignorant outburst.

    Why don’t you take it up with the I.R.F.U. ?

  2. That’s some pretty weak language of reprimand!

    I heard over the weekend that the Cork Examiner reported an apology by the Councillor but the Leader doesn’t seem to have the story.

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