Young solicitors: the Law Society is looking out for you!

The Law Society of Ireland, the hybrid regulator, representative body and educator of solicitors, has not forgotten the legions of unemployed young solicitors. They have appointed a career development adviser, who provides the following advice: get out of law and do something else.

An article in the current Law Society Gazette (p. 10) confirms young solicitors need not despair and suggests alternative career options available:

  • taoiseach;
  • Bord Gáis director;
  • multi-millionaire;
  • solicitor (?);
  • Prime Time presenter;
  • comedian.

Apparently, solicitors can break into these careers if they can just escape their “blinkered mentality”.

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An un-blinkered young solicitor, unlikely to be our next taoiseach.

Further suggestions are provided in a box headed “Alternative areas to think about” which lists a diverse range of possibilities, some of which seem non-existent and most of which are another word for “solicitor”.

The final suggestion, “commission of inquiry”, is interesting. While I thought the Society might be eager to dispel any public perception that tribunals are gravy trains for lawyers, one hopes the forthcoming information evenings will advise on how best to encourage the Government to establish some more such inquiries.