Mr. Mac gets due praise

Congratulations to my uncle and godfather Maurice on the continued success of his teaching autobiography Mr. Mac, A Blackboard Memoir, which received high praise indeed from Tom Humphries in today’s Irish Times:

Mr Mac made me think we’d best not look back in anger but should shuffle on and get old perspectives back. Every Government minister should read Mr Mac because in a world where education, health and sport are being pillaged to pay for the sins of dopes whose suits were sharper than themselves we need a reminder that doing things for the sheer love of doing them, for the intrinsic value and fulfilment that they offer, might be a way forward.

One great teacher is worth more than a boardroom of oleaginous fat cats.

The book was launched on 12 November last by Professor Diarmuid Ferriter, a former history pupil of Maurice’s and evidence of the quality of his teaching.

Mr. Mac, A Blackboard Memoir is available by contacting